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Kuda Bandos Weddings

    The “Kuda Bandos Sunset Wedding” features a taste of a traditional island ceremony, with a sunset boat ride, unique cultural costumes, Maldivian drums and local style decoration. The ceremony is held on the beach of an uninhabited island called Kuda Bandos followed by a private cruise for the newlyweds on a Dhoni (Maldivian boat). After which, enjoy a romantic private dinner set on the beach of Kuda Bandos. This is a uniquely tropical Maldivian experience.


    Underwater Wedding



    Basic Package Includes


    - Beach decoration + Sand mixing

    - Welcome cocktail

    - Non-professional Photography (Picture CD 75 pictures) 

    - Tape music (iPod music)

    - Symbolic certificate

    - Basic Cake (2000 grams)

    - In-Villa Breakfast

    - Anniversary Discount Voucher 


    Please note, resort weddings in the Maldives are only ceremonial and are not legally recognized. The ceremony will be subject to prevailing weather conditions of the day.


    The charges may vary depending on the choice of the locations for the wedding.

    - Exclusive use of Kuda Bandos for the ceremony - US$ 4000.00
    - Non-exclusive use of Kuda Bandos for the ceremony - US$ 750.00

    Wedding Cake
    - 2 Tier Wedding Cake (5000 grams) - US$ 115.00
    - 1 Tier Wedding Cake (3500 grams) - US$ 70.00


    - DJ (sound &lights) - US$ 3500.00

    - Boduberu - US$ 260.00

    - 2 piece band - US$ 400.00

    - 3 piece band US$ 600.00


    More choices to customize the ceremony

    - Flower bouquet
    - Champagne

    - Dhoani ride for pictures
    - Wedding dress
    - Videography
    - Kuda Bandos romantic dinner
    - Bandos candle-lit dinner

    - Set menu at Bandos BBQ dinner
    - Wine bottle
    - House wine by glass

    - Open bar (non-alcoholic)

    - Open bar (alcoholic)

    - Bridal makeup

    - Bridal hair styling

    - Bridal makeup and hair styling (package)

    - Couple massage

    - Honeymoon massage package

    - Professional photography + photo album

    Escort the Bride and/or Groom to Anggerik Spa for makeup, hair styling pedicure and manicure.
    Alternative Spa packages are available!

    Transfer the wedding guests to Kuda Bandos.

    Pick up Groom from villa and transfer him to Kuda Bandos.

    Pick up the bride from Anggerik Spa transfer her to Kuda Bandos.

    Bride arrives at Kuda Bandos.
    Traditional Bodu Beru Maldivian Drums will be announcing the couple arrival. Bride will be handed a special flower bouquet on arrival at Kuda Bandos. Wedding Guests will be served welcome cocktail. Bodu Beru will accompany with the couple as they walk towards the Master of Ceremony.

    17:45 – 18:00
    Short ceremony and exchange of vows will be followed by celebratory
    champagne and ritual of cutting the Wedding Cake.

    18:00 – 18:15
    A special photo session with the couple and the guests at the
    wedding reception.

    18:15 – 19:00
    Couple goes on the sunset sail on the Dhoni

    Couple at the celebratory table for special sunset dinner served by
    private chef and waiter.

    Return to Villa.



    All Wedding Packages are subject to a minimum stay of 3 nights and do not include accommodation and meal plan costs.

    The location of dinner will be subject to prevailing weather conditions of the day.

    Dress for the Bride and Groom: Traditional Maldivian Dress – Traditional Maldivian sarongs for the Groom (Groom should bring a long sleeve plain-white shirt) & Traditional Maldivian Dress for Bride, will be provided. Colour to be chosen upon arrival. Dresses are provided on a returnable basis.