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Popular statistics have it that the average Maldivian consumes an average of 75 kilograms of tuna annually. Our love for fishing should then come as no surprise, and Bandos is proud to share the Maldivian flair for fishing with our guests, particularly the art of baitless fishing. One needn’t be a professional as our team includes professional fishermen who will be able to assist you throughout the course of the entire trip. Geared towards this end is our state of the art vessel. A Prowler equipped with a fish finder, global positioning systems, radar and so forth.

Different types of fish are caught depending on the monsoon. The country experiences two main seasons, the South West Monsoon and the North East Monsoon. The South West Monsoon, which usually starts in May and continues until August, is the rainy season. However, given that these coral isles have an abundance of marine fauna, there hardly is a time when a trip fails to yield a good catch. For more information Visit

Sports Fishing

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